Wooden constructor, prefabricated tank model Eco Wood Art (EWA) T-34, T-34-85, T-34-76

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The T-34 tank is a participant in all the battles of the Second World War, the hero of movies and online games, including World of Tanks. Modelers and fans of WoT, especially those who prefer the Soviet branch of development. The box contains 600 parts for the designer, which looks much more convincing live than the photo on the package. The tank turned out to be of impressive size and weight. With a length of 49 cm and a mass of more than 1 kg, it cannot be held on the palm of your hand. The Eco Wood Art team settled on the T-34-76 modification - with a hexagonal turret and a classic layout. Model size, mm 492x205x190 Realism is an important, but not the only advantage of a toy for adults. Everything that can move and rotate works in this mechanical model. The turret turns, the hatches open, the cannon aims, the caterpillar tracks crunch the tracks, passing over the wheels and road wheels. In addition, unlike ordinary models, a wooden tank can be assembled with your own hands, enjoying both the meditative assembly process and the result .No description yet. Perhaps it will appear here laterReason for markdownProduct material: Plywood (wood);

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