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Larsen puzzles are primarily educational puzzles. The MEMO series is intended for children from 5 years old. Playing MEMO-puzzle Clock will help your child learn to tell the time on the clock. The puzzle contains two versions of the image of the clock on the details - with hour and minute hands and a digital clock. Each detail with the correct answer fits only in its place. After mastering the puzzle, you can take out the details for playing MEMO, where the difference in the representation of time creates additional complexity - mechanical and electronic clocks. Rules of the game MEMO: The goal of the game is to collect as many paired cards as possible. Before the start of the game, the cards are laid out face down. Players take turns flipping over two cards so that all players see the picture. If a pair of cards matched, that the player takes them for himself, if they do not match, then the player puts the cards back with the images down, and move on to the next player. The winner is the one who, by the end of the game, will score the most paired cards. No description yet. Perhaps it will appear here laterReason for markdownProduct material: cardboard;

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